Brothership Connection

Brothership Connection

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On July 9th 2021, we warmly welcome you to this circle of brothers.

A weekend of authentic connection, curiosity and kindness; time and space to ground in nature, round the fire and to re-connect to ourselves, our values, shadows and gifts. 

The past year has been one of disconnection, isolation and separation.  Depression and anxiety are the predominant mental health problems worldwide.  These symptoms of disconnection are so widespread as to be ‘normalised’ in our society.

Connection is the medicine.

Our intention for this weekend is to re-connect as a brotherhood. Men have been sitting in circle for time immemorial.  It is our birthright to feel a sense of belonging.

We are a supportive, encouraging and inclusive group of men who are committed to doing our inner work for the benefit of all, not just ourselves.

Our intention is to cut through the bullshit of the superficial lads/man-up/competitiveness culture that most of us have been conditioned to by a toxic extrinsic value system.

Feeling safe to express ourselves in radical honesty, being whole in our shadow, raw and vulnerable IS our greatest superpower

We gather to meet all sides of who we are to develop a deeper innerstanding of ourselves and our place in the world. 

Be brave - Be bold - Be beautiful 

We encourage the sharing of art; be it music, poetry, drawing, painting, dancing.  Please bring your gifts.  

About your facilitators

Nicholas Malin is an Embodied shadow guide, Men’s facilitator and Musician. 

Adam Telford is a Shamanic practitioner, Men's facilitator and guide.

Nick and Adam have known each other for years and currently run a regular brothers circle together as well as their own work. 


All events take place at Grōwan, a dedicated space just outside Hereford.

You are welcome to arrive anytime after lunch on Friday and leave after lunch on Sunday.

All meals will be provided as well as tea and fruit but you are welcome to bring additional supplies if you want.

We have showers, compost toilets and plenty of space outside and undercover.

Unless purchasing an Abundant ticket you will be expected to bring your own tent but please let us know if this is an issue.

Ticket pricing

We never want peoples financial situations to prevent opportunities for growth.

Please feel in to where you are, what you are able to invest and select the appropriate ticket. We are only able to offer a limited number of Concessions tickets but if these are sold out please contact to see if an energy exchange or payment plan would be possible.

If you are feeling abundant and able to invest more in yourself you will be helping us provide more low-income tickets and as a thank you we will happily arrange for you to stay in a bell tent provided by Grōwan.