Riding the Shaman's Horse

Riding the Shaman's Horse

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Ceremonial drum weekend

During this weekend we will connect deeply to the essence of the drum itself through a series of workshops, rituals, ceremony and communal drumming.

The ‘flat frame’ or shamanic drum is one most sacred and powerful tools used by any culture as part of Animistic/shamanic practices and is one that has been used for millennia.

Journey with Séan and you will discover why, when used as vehicle of internal travel, the drum is often referred to as ‘the Shaman’s horse’.

Our life begins with the sound of our mother’s heartbeat or ‘heart drum’.

From cradle to grave we are surrounded by drum beats and vibrations from the sound of our own hearts to the gentle hum of the earth itself.

Join us as we celebrate mankind’s spiritual connection to this most basic and yet most complex spiritual tools and navigate its deep connections to ritual and ceremony, ecstatic and trance states.

Discover profound healing as we use the drum as a vehicle to navigate through the trans-rational states and worlds named by Carlos Castenada as ‘non-ordinary reality'. 

In this profound yet playful sacred space we will connect to ourselves, our ancestors, to each other and of course to the essence of the drum itself.


Do I have to be a ‘Shaman’ to be able to use a drum or journey? 
No - you just need to open. Very few people would ever call themselves a shaman anyway. Shamanism has become a term most people have some grasp of, however, so it’s a useful descriptive term. 

For sure, with journey work, an open heart and the ability not to judge yourself on the result of your labours can be really useful. As with most things, the more you do, the greater the skills you develop but even for experts a ‘beginner’s mind’ is a useful tool.

Do I need a drum?
Many of you will already own a flat frame drum - if so, please bring it.
Some drums are available to borrow for this event if you don’t have your own - just let us know in advance if you need to borrow one and we can organise this.

If you wish to purchase a drum we can advise you on this.

Which kind of drum should I use?
A rawhide flat frame drum is best but synthetic skinned drums like those by REMO work and sound very well and can be really useful in damper weather.

What does a Shamanic journey entail? 
You can think of a journey as meditation if you like but one during which you take a journey into inner spaces or realms. You will be safely guided into this space. The drum is the only medicine used in this practice - the drum is known by some as the ‘shaman’s horse’; it is the perfect vehicle to utilise when making such journeys.

Most people find the journeys relaxing and dreamlike, as the drumbeat brings your brainwaves down to a ‘theta’ state which is best described as the dreamlike space between consciousness and subconsciousness. Some people report it feels like the liminal hypnagogic state we experience between wakefulness and sleep.

You will be invited to get under a blanket and cover your eyes (both optional) during the journeys which may take place for a minimum of 10-15 minutes and a maximum of 25-30 minutes.

You will also have a chance to experience what I call the ‘waking well’ - an opportunity to express yourself artistically whilst in an altered state of consciousness.

Will I be able to continue Shamanic journey work after the course?  
Absolutely! If you’re new to journey work there will be instruction on how to continue the practice should you wish to.

About your facilitators

Seán Ryan studied at art college for six years ending my studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

Since then he has worked in the art and design world for both small and international companies for the past 25 years. His spiritual journey has been a lifetime of investigation. He has undertaken training in Shamanic practices and Celtic Sweat lodge and makes drums as well as other shamanic tools.

Seán currently works as an artist, a shamanic practitioner and reads Tarot and Oracle cards.

Adam Telford is a Shamanic practitioner, Men's facilitator and guide.


All events take place at Grōwan, a dedicated space just outside Hereford.

You are welcome to arrive anytime after lunch on Friday and leave after lunch on Sunday.

All meals will be provided as well as tea and fruit but you are welcome to bring additional supplies if you want.

We have showers, compost toilets and plenty of space outside and undercover.

Unless purchasing an Abundant ticket you will be expected to bring your own tent but please let us know if this is an issue.

Ticket pricing

We never want peoples financial situations to prevent opportunities for growth.

Please feel in to where you are, what you are able to invest and select the appropriate ticket. We are only able to offer a limited number of Concessions tickets but if these are sold out please contact hello@growan.co to see if an energy exchange or payment plan would be possible.

If you are feeling abundant and able to invest more in yourself you will be helping us provide more low-income tickets and as a thank you we will happily arrange for you to stay in a bell tent provided by Grōwan.